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Co-Author Program

I’ve been receiving calls, emails and text all over the world regarding my e-book (Fifteen to Fifty-One) has changed their lives and brought much healing/change for the better. Many would say they would love to share their story to empower others. So I  decided to make it happen for others at an affordable price. 

Everyone does not have thousands of dollars to create a book and have the means to promote the business. Money should never be a reason one cannot walk in their purpose or inspire/empower others.

For more information contact us @


Tanya Renee invites you to become a co-author on our upcoming e-book .


2nd Edition

“Great Opportunity

1. Introduce yourself to the world.

2. Have your own personalized eBook cover.

3. Obtain 100% of the profit from every eBook sold through your site.

4. Gain massive brand exposure through tapping into the networks of all the contribution in your eBook.

5. Receive marketing strategy to help promote and monetize the eBook through your OWN platform not someone else’s.

Registration: Now  to July 1, 2019

This eBook is schedule to be released - August - September 2019.

1. Please review the requirements and full details below prior to submitting your payment.

2. Payment submission confirms that you have read and understand the requirements as well.

                                                       Submit your payment to:


"We offer referral bonuses"


1. Each author will submit 1 chapter up to 1500-5000 (will be specified per cycle) words to be published in "Never Give Up" (proofread/edit ready to go bio,  story and high definition professional picture).

2. The chapter should give insight on how to successfully navigate the road to entrepreneurship.

3. Authors should provide real, authentic stories of what they have experienced during their personal journey including the good, bad, and the ugly. 

4. Each chapter should end with words of wisdom, encouragement, and actionable strategies that our readers can implement right away.

5Suggested chapter titles will be provided to help authors better compose their chapters.

6. 1:1 strategies sessions are also available if needed.



"We offer referral bonuses"

TR Marketing LLC

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